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Bitcoin DX wallet is available on Windows PC, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X. You can grab the latest version of Bitcoin DX wallet from here.

Current: v22.0.11

Chain State Bootstrap

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Resolved issue #3 new wallets can now sync with the most current blockchain normally, without requiring bootstrap files.
-Changed validation.cpp#L3164 to:
if ((block.nBits != GetNextWorkRequired(pindexPrev, &block, consensusParams)) && nHeight > 38412). Thanks Vaibhav.
-Changed tx_verify.cpp#L183 to:
if ((coin.IsCoinBase() && nSpendHeight - coin.nHeight < COINBASE_MATURITY) && nSpendHeight > 38412) {. Thanks Vaibhav.
-Added checkpoints 38400, 38411, 38413, 38420 and 38626 for above fixes to securely work.


Reverted the following variables in chainparams.cpp to default in an attempt to resolve issue #2
-Fixed contrib/signet/miner intervals to match new target block interval of 240 seconds.
-Fixed checkpoints in chainparams.cpp by appending prefix "0x" to all hashes.


Security update.
-Reverted COINBASE_MATURITY to 100. This will protect the blockchain from orphaned blocks in case of unintentional forking.
-Fixed TIME_GENESIS_BLOCK with correct value.
-Appended checkpoint at block 37209.


-Updated chainparams.cpp, consensus.MinBIP9WarningHeight to 19 from 0.
-Appended MAINNET checkpoint at block 37061.
-Fixed consensus.MinBIP9WarningHeights in TESTNETS.
-Tidied up code by omitting irrelevant commentary.

v 22.0.7

-Appended checkpoints up to block 36920.
-Changed chainparams.cpp nPowTargetTimespan to 1.2 hours.
-Changed chainparams.cpp nPowTargetSpacing to 4 minutes.
-Block generation target; 240 seconds. If blocks are generated quicker than this value, diff will increase and vice versa.
-Diff change window 18 blocks from 2016.
-Changed nRuleChangeActivationThreshold to 10.
-Changed nMinerConfirmationWindow to 18.
-Changed consensus.h COINBASE_MATURITY to 10.
-Fixed python test/fuzz to match correct sum of spendable outpoints.
-Updated manuals.

v 22.0.1

-Rectified halving interval to 105120 blocks.
-Amended manuals to reflect version details.
-Updated ICNS file for compiling on macOS.
-Other cosmetic fixes.
-Bundled new Windows Server release.
-Included additional Linux / Mac OS X executables for server / testing.
This is a mandatory in-place upgrade.

v 22.0.0

-First release!
-Formulated economic sustainability strategy including max coin supply, block intervals and rewards.
-Created genesis block.
-Resolved SEGWIT issues causing peer transaction faults.
-Provisioned several geo-redundant nodes in various datacentres.
-Successfully compiled QT wallets for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
This version is deprecated and should no longer be used.