Beta Wave Announcement

To celebrate our latest stable release and thank the community, who have been involved with the flurry of constant experimental release updates, we are extending a healthy 500,000.00 BCDX.

Thank you for your patience, perseverance, humor and ongoing support for the project.


To receive the decent 500 K, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Joined the Bitcoin DX Discord channel between 01-Jan-2022 – 21-Jan-2022.
  • Messaged at least once regarding wallet/patch/upgrades in the #general-chat channel within this duration.


Join our Discord channel #pool-promotion and message your Wallet ID.

Once assessed & verified, you will receive 500,000.00 BCDX to your provided wallet ID.

You have spoken and we listened. Thank you again for being part of our awesome COIN!